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22апр06:0009:00Arthur King + Mia Doi Todd, Ak’chamel, Maya Lydia

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Arthur King + Mia Doi Todd, Ak’chamel, Maya Lydia

⌚️2023-04-22 06:00:00 – 2023-04-22 09:00:00
🏢2220 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90057, USA

Late Breakfast presents an evening of otherworldly spaces and deep, hypnotic grooves.Late Breakfast presents an evening of otherworldly spaces and deep, hypnotic grooves.


Maya Lydia is a musician and writer based in Los Angeles. Her musical practice combines original vocal and instrumental work (both live and pre-recorded) with field recordings and archival files (voice memos, voicemails, and interviews), which she layers into rich audio collages that reflect her obsession with dreaming, memory, and the atmospheric shifts that take place between day and night, dusk and dawn.

Ak’chamel's murky temple music has developed a small but dedicated cult-following over the past decade. Their releases span a range of post-industrial druidic rituals with choice nods to the impishly playful rhythms from Thai temple music and the occult ethnomusicology of professed influences, The Sun City Girls. The duo perform in bizarre shamanistic costumes and play a variety of half-broken indigenous or homemade instruments.

Arthur King is an experimental musical ensemble curated by artist Peter Walker. Mia Doi Todd and David Ralicke join Walker for this incarnation of AK’s Changing Landscapes series, the ongoing location-based experiment in shifting perspective and connection to self and surroundings. Honing in on the Costa Rican leafcutter ant known colloquially as zompopa, we find Arthur King pushing the boundaries of their methodology to arrive at previously unseen emergent truths. "Ideally," says Walker, "the project can serve as a bridge between our inner selves and the natural world around us.”


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