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22июл13:0013:00Be Pride like Ukraine | CSD Berlin 2023

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Be Pride like Ukraine | CSD Berlin 2023

⌚️2023-07-22 13:00:00 –
🏢Leipziger Straße (Berlin)

Ukrainian LGBTQI+ organizations on the CSD Berlin 2023

This year, we, as representatives of Ukraine, march together towards the CSD in Berlin to declare the message: „The russian war against Ukraine rages on, people are killed, nature destroyed; let us unite and combat this malevolence together“.

If the international community stands for equal rights and freedom, they must also stand by our side and aid us in our defense in face of russian aggression.

Without your solidarity and assistance, we risk succumbing to darkness, being captured and destroyed by russia.

Be a part of our Ukrainian column at CSD Berlin, organized by Vitsche Berlin together with Kwitne Queer and Platform TU in partnership with Ukrainian LGBT+ military for equal rights, Gender Stream, Insight Public Organization, WA Sphere, Trans*Generation, Resist*ance IG, Public Organization For Equal Rights, Insha, Kharkiv Pride.

More information TBA

🗺️Leipziger Straße
Berlin, Німеччина

Источник мероприятия: https://www.facebook.com/3083148695314094

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