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17май06:0008:00Ghost Ensemble: Rewild

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Ghost Ensemble: Rewild

⌚️2023-05-17 06:00:00 – 2023-05-17 08:00:00

Ghost Ensemble is a New York-based experimental new music ensemble composed of flute, oboe, accordion, percussion, harp, viola, cello, two contrabasses, and conductor. They foster groundbreaking music that blurs borders of genre, style, and scene, expanding perceptual horizons through shared immersive experience.

At 2220, Ghost will present the West Coast premieres of two new works for the ensemble alongside Miya Masaoka’s Four Moons of Pluto, a delicate, drone-based work built on sustained harmonics and microtonal tunings.

Sky Macklay’s Harmonifriends employs inflating “harmonitree” sculptures, which use vinyl, fans, and dozens of deconstructed harmonicas to create vibrating tree-shaped free-reed sound creatures. The ensemble interacts in sonic and kinetic counterpoint with the moving and sounding sculptures as they rise, sing, tremble, and fall in a visceral aural-visual experience both whimsical and intense.

Ben Richter’s hour-long Rewild seeks new strata in musical parameters, exploring the uncanny zones at which pitch becomes rhythm, harmonic interval becomes beating rate, and timbres morph over time. Offering an aural metaphor for the interacting gradual processes of quantum, geologic, and cosmic systems, Rewild aims to auralize the vast and infinitesimal timescales we do not experience in everyday life.


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