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03дек20:0023:00In search of your Totem - online mystery journey

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In search of your Totem – online mystery journey

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⌚️2022-12-03 20:00:00 – 2022-12-03 23:00:00
🏢It will be in ZOOM – download latest vesion

The world is changing, and in order to find strength in ourselves,to accept changes and adapt to them, we need an inner ally. It has different names, for example, in Psychology – Alter Ego, in Christianity – the Guardian Angel, in Shamanic Traditions – the Animal of Power, or the Totem Animal.
People have different ways to connect with their inner ally: a psychotherapy session, meditation, or praying. Personally, we (Roma and Marat) propose to follow the path of the ancients and go on a journey to the Underworld, to meet our Totem Animal.

How does this happen?
With the help of live improvised music and symbolic immersive text from the facilitator, we will find and get in touch with our Totem Animal. It will be a meditative journey in which we will dive into the depths of our soul. We will be able to play with our Totem Animal and feel the power of its positive influence on our "Here and Now".

What does it give to you
Having contact with the Power Animal/Inner Ally gives strength and resistance to the challenges of the outside world. For example, this practice helps Ukrainian playbackers during a full-scale invasion. It develops resilience and adaptability to the complexities of this war, and many of the Ukrainian playbackers have gone through a similar practice.

In the Zoom process, ancient tradition and modern art will make us all stronger. Discoveries during this workshop/journey will help you feel better and more resilient in your life.

Humanitarian Foundation of the Ukrainian Playback School
Your participation will also help to support Ukrainian playbackers, as we will donate 50% of all funds raised to the Ukrainian Playback School Humanitarian Foundation. This foundation helps Ukrainian playbackers and performers survive the war and continue to create art.

Conditions for participation in the journey for
We want to be flexible for the different financial abilities of the participants, or your desire to support us and the Humanitarian foundation USPT.
After payment you will receive a zoom-link to the event on the your mail, and also a link to the preparatory WhatsApp chat. Please add yourself to this chat. This chat also can be used for questions and suggestions.

10$ ticket price https://secure.wayforpay.com/payment/totem60

Power to your elbow 💪


Источник мероприятия: https://www.facebook.com/1425213138002673

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