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19апр20:3021:30MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA (Vertov, 1929)

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⌚️2022-04-19 20:30:00 –
🏢Hypnos Theatre

100% of entrance proceeds from this screening of the famous masterwork – MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA – will be donated to Come Back Alive.

Come Back Alive supports the Armed Forces of Ukraine through financing purely defence initiatives. They are the top recommended ngo by the Dovzhenko Centre in Kyev with whom Hypnos and Film i Malmö are cooperating in an ongoing series of Ukrainian films.

The series begins appropriately with
MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA, one of the most famous titles in cinema history. But how many of you have seen it? How many alive today have seen it on a big screen? Is it it even worth seeing today, almost 100 years later? It's a silent film right?

It is not just a historical document or one of those things everyone should see. It's a masterwork by a visionary artist that continues to mesmerize audiences. This is an experience you shouldn't miss.

Little known, but relevant interesting facts: The director, Dziga Vertov was born Denis Kaufman in what is today Poland. Early in his artistic life, he took the name which roughly translates as "spinning top" in Ukrainian. Because MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA is regarded as the grandest achievement of Soviet avant-garde film, it is assumed to be of Russian origin, when in fact it was produced by the All-Ukrainian Photo Cinema Administration in Kyev. It is true that parts of the film were shot in Moscow, but parts were also filmed in Kyev and Odessa. Vertov invented a whole new range of experimental film techniques used in this film, but much credit must also be given to his brother Mikhail Kaufman as the cinematographer and Vertov's wife, Elizaveta Svilova, the film's editor who, as you will see, painstakingly employed many experimental editing techniques.

MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA is the first, in what we hope to be a continuing showcase of Ukrainian films from the national archive maintained by the Dovzhenko Centre in Kyev. Each of these screenings will be preceded by a recorded introduction provided by the Dovzhenko Centre and when possible a brief live talk.

The next film is another avant-garde masterpiece: IN SPRING (1929) by Mikhail Kaufman on Thursday, April 21 at 19:30.

No tickets will be sold to these film screenings. Instead we will collect cash or SWISH donations of 50 SEK or more at the door.

Film i Malmö has made a donation to the Dovzhenko Centre in exchange for the rights to screen these films. No membership is required to attend, but please consider signing up because Film i Malmö does not have any outside funding, it is the membership fees which allow us make the donations in exchange for the rights.

Hypnos and Film i Malmö are committed to supporting the fight for Democracy at the front lines and preserving the collective experience of cinematic arts.

We thank the Dovzhenko Centre for providing this opportunity to contribute.

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