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Open workshop Zoom Playback

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⌚️2022-06-25 20:00:00 – 2022-06-25 21:30:00

👉 Due to the war in Ukraine, the Ukrainian community of playback theaters had to return to Zoom-playback practices again, and it was a new round of knowledge and experience that we received during the pandemic.

During the war, Zoom-playback became a necessary and significant part of the community interaction, helping each other, uniting playbackers who found themselves around the world. And we saw that our experience has grown many times over and we have discovered many new tricks, knowledge, skills and features of work.

And this is exactly what we want to share with you in this workshop. What will be in the workshop program.

▪ Experience in creating large events and festivals. Based on the All-Ukrainian Playback Festival, which was held in Zoom.
▪ How to play difficult stories on Zoom.
▪ Work in Zoom via smartphones.
▪ New games and ways for actors to interact in Zoom.
▪ New forms in Zoom playback.

Despite the anxiety, danger, challenges and pain that happens with Ukrainian playbackers now, Zoom-playback helps us to create an atmosphere that unites playback-teams and keeps our contact.

We are sure that our experience will be useful for other playbackers as well. Playback is alive and working in the Ukrainian community.

We are waiting for you at the meeting!

🔹Leader of the Workshop

Roman Kandibur – head of the board of the Ukrainian School of Playback Theater, trainer, performer
Dates and time:

June 25 at 19.00 PM (GMT +2)

👉👉👉Registration link https://bit.ly/3Hpv4ni


Источник мероприятия: https://www.facebook.com/402602211628925

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