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Side Event at the Warsaw Human Dimension Conference

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⌚️2022-09-27 17:00:00 – 2022-09-27 18:00:00
🏢Київська школа прав людини та демократії

Ukraine: Civilian Hostages and the Role of Civil Society in Protecting Human Rights of the Missing and Disappeared Civilians, and in Finding the Ways to Accountability and Justice


The Russian invasion of Ukraine caused chaos with devastating results of destruction, displacement, and massive loss of life. Amid this despair, there are reports of many cases where human rights defenders (HRDs), journalists, activists, and civilians appear to be targeted by Russian forces because of their work and activities. The victims were kidnapped, disappeared, detained, tortured, and in some instances forcefully relocated outside of Ukraine. While many have died in captivity, those who managed to escape have given first-hand accounts of their experiences. Others remain missing with their whereabouts unknown.

Ukrainian and international human rights advocates and civil society organizations have been methodically documenting these violations of domestic and international law in order to support the victims and bring accountability for these crimes. The experts working on these efforts support urgent calls for additional coordinated responses from the global community to ensure proper investigation and prosecution of these cases in order to bring the perpetrators to justice.


The American Bar Association’s Center for Human Rights, the Center for Civil Liberties, and Truth Hounds are co-organizing a side event to present a new report which identifies several cases of disappeared HRDs and civil hostages, outlines legal analysis of the violations of international law, and offers recommendations for the international community, human rights organizations, and local government. Please join us for this joint side-event to hear first-hand accounts from survivors and the local experts who are documenting these disappearances, and recommendations from international experts on how we can better support these efforts and better ensure accountability.


– Oleksandra Drik – Coordinator for International Cooperation, Center for Civil Liberties, Kyiv,
– Prof. Michael Newton – Director of the International Legal Studies Program and Professor of the Practice of Law, Vanderbilt University, Tennessee, United States
– Mr. Evgen Zakharov (via zoom) – Ukrainian Human Rights Defender, Member of Ukrainian PEN, and Director of the Kharkiv Human Rights Group, Kharkiv, Ukraine
– Arkadij Dovzhenko – Ukrainian Defender (via zoom)
– Iryna Vasilyeva – Ukrainian Defender (via zoom)

– Jasmine D Cameron (Moderator) Senior Legal Advisor, ABA Center for Human Rights


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